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"Better to illuminate than merely to shine,

to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate."

- St Thomas Aquinas

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Fr. Jesse Maingot, O.P.

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Heart Reach is a ministry of discovering the intimate knowledge of God

from God’s revelation of Himself  through the prophets

and ultimately in Christ. We also look to the witness of the Saints and theologians as they icon this revelation in perceptible ways to us.

This precious knowledge helps us burn with love for the Trinity

and urges us to love each other.

Heart Reach therefore is a ministry of connecting hearts,

the divine heart with the human heart

and human hearts with human hearts: a ministry of communion.

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Heart Reach Meditation
Eucharistic Adoration (Lent Meditation)
School of the Holy Spirit (Advent Meditation)
Heart Reach Special Guests
Heart Reach Special Guests
Heart Reach Special Events
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Fr. Ignatius Schweitzer, O.P.



In the Upper Garden, choice fruits of the Spirit are grown under the tutelage of the mystics. Here, our roots go deep into the soil of heaven,

deep into the cloister-garden of the Father’s House.

Rays of Christ’s Light shine on us in the Scriptures and the Saints,

with the nourishment of the Sacraments of the Church.

And the living water of the Holy Spirit

flows to us through the aqueduct who is Mary.

Midday Retreat
Various Retreats
The Book of Song of Songs
Carmelite Retreat
Marian Retreat
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Fr. Ignatius Schweitzer, O.P.

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Ask A Friar & A Theologian


A weekly conversation about the Catholic faith and our journey toward union with God. This live show features a Dominican friar

and an Oxford-trained theologian.

Viewers are invited to call in with questions. If you have questions for the next episode please write in the comment box in the YouTube video

or email us at

Dr. Thomas Carr, O.P.

Mrs. Ina Carr, O.P.

Episode 2
Episode 3

Dr. Thomas Carr, O.P.

Mrs. Ina Carr, O.P.

Dr. Thomas Carr, O.P.

Mrs. Ina Carr, O.P.

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Dr. Thomas Carr, O.P.



New Ardor is a publication and multi-media apostolate dedicated

to explaining and defending traditional Catholic teaching.

Founded by Dr. Thomas Carr,

New Ardor serves Catholic faithful through its

books, videos, and conference talks.

More videos coming...

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Introduction to New Ardor
Conversion Stories
History of Lent
The Meaning of Lent
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Mrs. Ina Carr, O.P.

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becoming the beloved

'becoming the beloved' is a collection of meditations and reflections

from the Sacred Scriptures and the Writing of the Saints,

to draw us deeper into experiential knowledge (ginosko)

of the love between the Father and the Son,

and between the Father and the Son and us.  

John 17:3 

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Conversion Story || Deliverance & Inner Healing
Holy Hour for Priests I
Pentecost Holy Hour
Holy Hour for Priests II
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