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"The greater the charity of the Saints in their heavenly home,

the more they intercede for those who are still on their journey

and the more they can help them by their prayers;

the more they are united with God, the more effective those prayers are.

This is in accordance with Divine order, which makes higher things react upon lower things,

like the brightness of the sun filling the atmosphere."

- St Thomas Aquinas

Prayer That Will Save Your Family 2_edited.png
Prayer That Will Save Your Family 2_edited.png
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The Prayer That Will Save Your Family
The 12-year Prayer of St. Bridget of Sweden: with a New Biography of the Saint 

Author: Dr. Thomas Carr

There is virtually no greater sorrow parents can experience than learning that one of their children has intentionally placed his or her soul in eternal jeopardy. The remedy typically offered to such parents is prayer. It is, indeed, the best remedy. But then one is left uncertain as to what to pray, and how often, and with what intention. If only there were a prayer, sent from heaven, designed especially to win the hearts of their children back to the Lord and His Church.

There is such a prayer and it was, in actuality, revealed by Our Lord to one of the greatest saints in Church history: St. Bridget of Sweden. According to the promises attached to the prayer, a devout and persistent commitment to praying this prayer daily will not only save your soul, it will save the souls of your children, of their children, and of their children’s children. This book will introduce you to St. Bridget, help you understand the prayer's theology, show you how to pray and memorize it, and what we can expect from the Lord and His promises as we commit to this 12-year discipline.

"One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular,

Our Lady will save the world."


~ Saint Dominic

Prayer That Will Save Your Family 2_edited.png

54 Days That Will Change Your Life and Our World
"A spiritual nuclear bomb!" - Exorcist priest. 

Author: Blessed Bartolo Longo, O.P. 

Bartolo Longo was a vile, degenerate, blasphemous Satanic priest. But this same man spent the last 50 years of his life preaching about the Holy Rosary, founding orphanages, opening schools for the poor and transforming a city of death to a city dedicated to the Mother of God! The introduction of this book tells his amazing story. From there you are invited to pick up your Rosary beads and begin an unforgettable 54 day journey by daily offering the opening prayers and Rosary meditations composed by Blessed Bartolo Longo along with 15 decades of the Holy Rosary. Discover for yourself why an Exorcist priest calls this: “A spiritual nuclear bomb!”

Spanish Edition

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