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St Dominic of Guzman Oil

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About the Oil

St. Dominic of Guzman Oil is used particularly for asking graces by the intercession of Dominican Saints and Blesseds.   


The oil was made by setting the oil before a first-class relic of his, with daily prayers for 40 days, and an episcopal blessing over the Oil. 


In using the oil, we look to the intercession of Saint Thomas Aquinas  for ‘ZEAL’ towards God and souls; of Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Vincent Ferrer for ‘FIRE’ towards deep prayer of penance and reparation; and of Saint Dominic of Guzman for ‘HEALING’ of hearts and souls through experiencing the fullness of Trinitarian Love. 


And finally through the powerful intercession of all the Dominican Saints and Blesseds, we ask that the fullness of the same Love the Father has for His Son be in us and that we may abide in loving union with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

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for AFTER the Anointing

FOR the Anointing

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- St Dominic

"Arm yourself with prayer, rather than a sword; wear humility rather than fine clothes.” 
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If you have any testimonials you'd like to share about the blessings you have received from the St Dominic Oil, please write them below.  We will only use your initial for your testimony.  If you want to share but not to be published or if you'd like to request more oil, please contact us at  Thank you. 

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